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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 4, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a police chase ends with a deadly crash in oakland. and one of those drivers killed a man who was simply on his way
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to work. anne makovec spoke with his mother. >> reporter: two drives were killed and the mother came to the body shop where it ended to drop off flowers and she wanted to share his story with us. >> he was just doing his job. [ crying ] [ inaudible ] >> oh, my son, i just can't -- [ inaudible ] [ crying ] >> reporter: it's a set of rings blogging to her son, mark, who died this morning at the intersection of 106 avenue and macarthur in east oakland. >> i just want to pray. i just want to pray here. >> reporter: the 31-year-old was on his way to work at fedex this morning when he was broadsided going through the intersection. >> he is very innocent. he was just doing his job. >> reporter: the other car was a bmw driven by a 19-year-old
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oakland man who was trying to escape chp officers who had been trying to pull him over for speeding on 580. aragon died when his suv was hit by the bmw and hit this body shop parking lot at 2 a.m. >> we just came here to bringing flowers for him. >> reporter: he appears to be an innocent victim in the crash a case that this neighbor who doesn't want to be identified says happens too often. >> i think that police shouldn't be pursuing vehicles at a high rate of speed in residential neighborhoods. that's what helicopters are for. >> reporter: this man says he has seen chases here before. >> a lot of it's coming in from san leandro, too. they are chasing in people from that area. it's not always -- or they are trying to get out of oakland, one of the two so either running in or out. >> reporter: the incident is under investigation by the chp and the oakland police department. >> it's something that nobody ever expects to happen. you know? it's something that we have to think about and deal with every
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day. >> reporter: now aragon's family has to deal with this. >> please pray for my son. everybody, please pray for him. pray for us, too. >> reporter: and that mother left these flowers where that suv came to rest this morning. the victim is survived by his wife, who has three daughters. >> thank you, anne makovec in oakland. talk about a frightening way to wake up. how about seeing flames right next to you? today investigators are trying to figure out what started an apartment fire in redwood city. as mark sayre tells us, maybe neighbors had to scramble to safety this morning. reporter: the fire started inside this first floor apartment sending smoke and flames into hallways and up the side of the three-story building. it was first reported just before 3 a.m. resident gary suzuki was asleep in the unit just above where the fire started. >> i heard some crackling
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noise. then i saw some flames coming up from my bedroom window. >> reporter: resident james marquez was also asleep at the time. he and a neighbor made a run to safety. >> we started going down the stairs. i got scared with the smoke. i just went right after him and we just went outside. and then we seen the whole thing burning and it was just terrible. >> reporter: today, marquez and about 40 other displaced residents are in a red cross shelter at the fair oaks community center. the red cross has brought in blankets food and other supplies. many of the displaced are elderly and some with special needs. >> right now we are providing some shelter for them. we have some cots set up inside the community center and so forth. how scary was this? >> i was scared. my heart was pumping. i couldn't grab anything at the time. said come on, let's go. you know? it's like one of those things that happened so fast. >> reporter: for now this building remains off limits to residents and there is no firm timeline as to when they may be able to return. in redwood city, i'm mark
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sayre, cbs 5. the mother of a toddler abandoned on a street in san pablo is arrested. the 40-year-old mother called police about 6:00 this morning saying she left her baby boy behind a townhome on valencia avenue yesterday and then caught a cab. the boy is between 18 months and three years old. >> she told us that she left the child because she felt she was not fit to care for him and thought somebody else might be able to do that better. >> samuels faces charges of child endangerment and child desertion. the boy appears to be in good health but he is now in protective custody. today a judge is expected to decide if phillip garrido is mentally fit to stand trial. he and his wife, of course, charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. jonas tichenor joins us with
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more. >> reporter: good morning. the attorneys for both sides were in court for a very early session today, 8:30 a.m., in what was a closed session. i did talk to the attorney as september 11 and she said they were discussing records but would give little information as to what else they discussed. again, the garridos will be back in court at 1:00 this afternoon for what is expected to be a very busy day. we also have been talking about phillip's competency. we are expecting the results from those exams and that cleared tie formal arraignment -- that could lead to a formal arraignment for phillip garrido on the spot. he and his wife have been indicted on 18 felony charges and face new ones, as well. we are likely to hear what those are and why. we also expect to hear from the judge regarding grand jury transcripts and testimony by jaycee dugard. they have been sealed, but several media outlets have requested that they be released. the district attorney in el dorado county says that could
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hurt the chance for a fair trial. if indeed those transcripts are released, it will be a lot of information from the victim herself, jaycee dugard, into the mind of her alleged kidnapper, phillip garrido. >> all right, jonas, this is expected to take very long today or is this not going to be a lengthy court -- >> reporter: you know, it always can change in these cases. it depends on how much get to. the competency issue, if it's resolved he could face arraignment. it could be an hour to an hour and a half maybe even two hours. it depends how quickly they get started once we get in. >> thank you, jonas tichenor of placerville. tomorrow the focus will be split between an l.a. courtroom and the streets of oakland. this will be for the sentencing of johannes mehserle. the former bart police officer is going to be sentenced for his conviction in the shooting death of oscar grant. mehserle says he intended to reach for his taser but instead
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grabbed his gun. his conviction on an involuntary manslaughter charge of course set off protests and looting in oakland earlier this summer. shooting flames, debris coming from the sky, coming up the midair emergency that's grounded an entire fleet of jumbo jets. a simple test that takes minutes. now evidence that it could save thousands of people with lung cancer. >> i hope you're enjoying this last mild warm day. we are turning the page on all that sunshine. cooler air, cloudy skies and showers, yeah, they are headed this way. we have the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just in time.
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one of the two cargo bombings sent from yemen last week was apparently defused just in time. french experts say that agents disarmed the bomb just 17 minutes before it was set to blow up. both bombs were headed for chicago, and powerful enough, they say, to bring down the planes that were carrying them. a series of loud bangs and then flames shooting from an airplane, very terrifying midair emergency, when an engine on a passenger jet blew out. kendis gibson shows us the damage. >> reporter: the qantas airbus a-380, the world's largest airliner, was headed from singapore to sidney with 440 passenger aboard. >> a bang and that was it. >> reporter: one of the jet's four engines blew out in midair after take-off. the pilot said everything was okay. >> "we have a technical issue,
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the number 2 engine. we have dealt with this situation." >> reporter: the plane landed safely back in singapore after circling for 90 minutes to dump fuel. passengers credit the pilot for keeping everyone calm. >> the pilot did his job. he did a great job. >> reporter: once on the ground, there were visible burn marks on the engine. residents checked pieces of torn metal that may have fallen from the plane. qantas immediately suspended all flights of its airbus a-380 jets until it can determine the cause of the problem. >> we take our safety reputation and standards unbelievably seriously and we are not going to take any risks with passenger safety. >> reporter: officials do not believe today's incident is connected to ash from recent volcano eruptions in indonesia about 800 miles away. kendis gibson, cbs news. some breaking news overseas right now. an official in india says that a delta flight was grounded in mumbai because of suspicious
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cargo on board. bomb squads, airport security, they are searching that plane right now. it apparently arrived in mumbai local time 11 p.m. coming from amsterdam. an airport spokesman says that all 244 passengers on board that delta flight have been evacuated safely. so we'll be keeping you updated on that. but we will continue to monitor what's happening with an emergency landing in india. coming up, news on what may be a major step forward in fighting lung cancer. plus, a potential new application for an asthma drug. think breast cancer. she is more than a cop on campus. the extracurricular work that makes this week's jefferson award winner so special. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of cancer death in the world, in part because it's usually caught too late. now, there's big, good news about screening for this disease. dr. kim lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the world because it's usually caught too late. now there is good news about screening for this disease. dr. kim mulvihill reports. >> reporter: chest cancer is usually caught at a late stage. we have always needed a way to pick up tumors when they are smaller and more curable. "ct" scans may be the way to go. in a well designed study, researchers compared chest x- rays to "ct" scans as they screened heavy smokers and
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former smokers. they found "ct" scans picked up smaller tumors and reduced lung cancer deaths by 20%. but "ct" scans use a higher dose of radiation, more expensive than x-rays, and can result in false alarms. that can lead to unnecessary biopsies. try to stop smoking to prevent lung cancer or don't smoke at all. in a second study that involved mice, an asthma drug commonly used in japan shows promising in fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer. the drug has been used for decades in japan and south korea to treat asthma and allergies and it reduces tumor growth in lab and stopped cancers from spreading to the lungs of mice. the next step to see whether this drug works in humans. researchers hope to begin clinical trials in a few years. >> love to hear that good stuff. thank you, kim. speaking of good stuff, you can see almost forever, maybe set some record highs?
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i don't know. >> santa rosa hit 78 degrees today. that will tie a new record. isn't that crazy? >> for november. >> it's november and don't forget, this weekend you have to turn the clocks back one hour. >> it is november. oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> it is november. we are leaving daylight saving time so keep that in mind. live look ocean beach. this is what the coastline is supposed to look like. typically this time of the year, it doesn't look this nice. but today, another day in the 70s. and here's a look out at san jose. also another day near 80 degrees down in the santa clara valley. conditions for the afternoon, partly sunny skies, warm temperatures, highs inland in the lower 80s. sun and clouds warm conditions around the bay up to the upper 70s, and partly cloudy conditions with highs along the coast up to the mid-70s. for tonight, partly cloudy, patchy fog expected inland, the valleys and at the coast. otherwise, just a few clouds expected. overnight lows in the lower 50s
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to the lower 60s. so today, we're turning the page. the high pressure system moves out. the low pressure system will move in. that's going to cool us down tomorrow, give us a chance of rainfall late in the day friday. and that's also going to cool us down through the weekend with a continued chance of showers for saturday and sunday. i said it was leaving. today's the last day of these warm temperatures. 80 in milpitas, 79 santa clara, 79 sunnyvale, upper 70s in palo alto and redwood city. 74 in pacifica. and 73 in daly city. east bay locations, 78 in oakland, 75, 80s in antioch and brentwood. 79 in novato and petaluma, 78 santa rose, 75 kentfield, 74 mill valley and 75 degrees today in san francisco. what a difference a day makes. tomorrow, chance of showers late in the day, cloudy, cooler temperatures. we are going to see more of
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that saturday and sunday. a mix of sun and clouds monday, tuesday, wednesday with the 60s moving back in, no more 80s. the 60s. this weekend the champion's tour, senior tour of golf, takes place today starting today at harding park through the weekend. partly cloudy, chance of rainfall, temperature in the lower 60s. that's a look at your record and one area event. >> you know why the warm weather is leaving? it's november. [ laughter ] >> thanks, tracy. marin county native patty monge has served as a police officer for 21 years but as kate kelly shows us it's what she does off duty that earned her this week's jefferson award. >> reporter: bring your track shoes if you want to keep up with officer patty monge. >> glad the giants won and it stopped raining. >> reporter: on the beat today, her alma mater, redwood city in marin county. >> reporter: the kids are tall here huh? >> reporter: even though she is just five feet tall, officer
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patty leaves a big impression on students. >> they get to see that i'm not just this person that is pulling over cars and arresting people, that i have different interests. and one of my interests is young people and working with them and finding out ways that we can interact together. >> reporter: patty is a school resource officer for the twin cities police department. her job is a unique link between law enforcement and local schools. >> i just bring another element in the different type of knowledge to the table and help educate. >> reporter: help educate on important safety issues, like self-defense, responsible driving, and the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. >> last monday got cancelled. >> reporter: when she is not in the classroom, she leads the explorers program for kids interested in law enforcement, like sophomore rico pedraza. >> she comes in on her own free time; and when we mess up she tells us, you know, i'm here for you, not here for me. and it's because she was an explorer when she was my age. >> i'm here to help. she gets involved in things in the community. >> reporter: she started an annual toy drive for marin families. every weekend during the
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holidays, you will find officer patty and her explorers hard at work collecting gifts for those in need. as active as patty is today in her community, she was just as busy as a student here at redwood high school in the is the 80s. -- in the 1980s. in fact, they even named an award after her, given to the senior athlete who has given the most to her teammates, schools and community. >> you are doing this when you were in high school here. >> yes. yes. always involved in student government, just all kinds of different things. >> reporter: which explains why she doesn't hesitate to involve her fellow officers in another of her passions. >> 100% of all the money goes to special olympics. >> reporter: and that's patty waiting tables to raise money for the marin special olympics. >> i just love supporting, like being able to be free and compete and it doesn't matter if they win as long as they are braver in the attempt. >> she has been doing this for years and i think she just really loves to do it and her heart is in it. >> it's absolutely worth it to
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get involved in any way you can by volunteering, even if it's just an hour. >> reporter: so if you want to follow in officer patty's footsteps, don't forget the track shoes. for devoting her considerable energies to public service and for the betterment of her community, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to officer patty monge. kate kelly, cbs 5. some holid ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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